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Ratings 4,6 of 10 Stars; Directors Alec Tibaldi; Cast Amanda Plummer; 1 Hours 25 m; ; rating 59 Votes. How you gonna keep em down on the commune after theyve seen Paree? Seventeen-year-old Anahita (Piper De Palma) hasnt been to the City of Lights, exactly, but shes getting the itch to put some space between herself and her kooky mom, Dianic (Amanda Plummer. They live in a commune on the outskirts of a big city, and Anahita secretly yearns to be a dancer. Her sister, Sahaja (Jade Fusco) a single mom, and her young son, Ocean (Landen Beattie) are also residents of this country outpost where 1960s counterculture ethos lives on. The place is partly a spiritual retreat, where nightly services seem to be on the New Age, yoga, and meditation wavelength. The residents coexist in peace mostly, although with a few theres an ever-present sense of quiet desperation brewing under the surface. Two visitors come on the scene, Mau (Cosimo Fusco) and his 18-year-old son Theo (Teo Halm) and their presence stirs Anahita to set her sights on moving to the city to pursue her dreams. Director Alec Tibaldis take on the perils and bittersweet joys of communal living feels authentic as if drawn from his personal experience — I have no idea whether or not it was. But the texture of life in this home for those seeking to “live consciously, ” as the commune ringleader puts it, feels just right. “ They live in a commune on the outskirts…Anahita secretly yearns to be a dancer. ” This isnt a takedown of communes or alternative lifestyles, but a character study of a handful of people whove gravitated toward that kind of living arrangement or were born into it. Those were born into it are the restless ones. Theyre like the quintessential small-town kid who hasnt seen much of the world but dreams that there must be something big out there that he or she is missing. Piper De Palma, daughter of director Brian De Palma, gives a lovely, wistful performance as the introverted Anahita, who struggles to break free from her roots and find her place in the world. And theres plenty of family baggage weighing her down. Her mom has a penchant for sharing too much information, which embarrasses Anahita to no end. Amanda Plummer as Dianic — her daughters call her Di, never mom — chortles inappropriately one evening at a communal dinner after revealing that her brother was molested as a child. Plummer is just fine as the slightly loopy, irresponsible family matriarch who is at turns amusing, annoying and a bit frightening. She fondly reminisces to the kids about her salad days of popping Quaaludes at Studio 54. Both she and daughter Sahaja are the sporadically present single mothers for whom Anahita has to pick up the childcare and household chores slack. Its no wonder she wants to get the hell out of Dodge yesterday. From day one of his arrival at the farm, Theo seems destined to get together with Anahita — she eyes him from afar, but when they do interact she treats him with disdain. His dad and her mom are shacking up, and Anahita has learned from bitter experience that the men in her moms life have a one-week shelf life. While she loathes investing emotional energy in someone whos bound to leave soon, her apparent distaste for Theo belies a secret attraction to him. Even when he hooks up with her best friend, the sexually ambiguous Miracle (Sara Anne) — youve got to love, or perhaps frown at, the gloriously self-indulgent hippy names the parents have tagged onto their kids. “… all loose ends arent exactly tied up in a neat bow…” When Anahita finally works up the chutzpah to leave the family fold and move to the big city, Sahaja makes an end run around her to scuttle the escape, all for purely selfish reasons. Jade Fuscos Sahaja yearns for a stable home for her and her son, but she might be too much of her mothers daughter to settle down. In a self-assured performance, she gives Sahaja a wily, seductive edge. At the conclusion, all loose ends arent exactly tied up in a neat bow, but we can still hold out hope for the three women and the young boy. Family ties are hard to break, but for Anahita, who has gazed upon the lights of the city, there could always be brighter days ahead. Spiral Farm (2019) Directed by Alec Tibaldi. Written by Thomai Hatsios, Alec Tibaldi. Starring Piper De Palma, Amanda Plummer, Cosimo Fusco, Teo Halm, Jade Fusco, Sara Anne, Landen Beattie. Spiral Farm screened at the 2019 Slamdance Film Festival. 8 out of 10 New Age Crystals Join our Film Threat Newsletter.

Spiral farm 2019 movie. I understand this is an heavy movie but outside of it please be careful of the realities you choose to ignore because it doesn't make you feel good. History is kept for us to not repeat the same mistakes. There are people that havent even watched this film, saying Endgame is better.

Spiral farmers market. Spiral farming. SpirAl What I was looking for Spiral Farm Watch Movie… Watch Spiral Farm Online Independent [Spiral Farm] Source, Spiral Farm ONLINE DAILYMOTION. Spiral farm movie 2019. Spiral farm cast. Spiral Farm 1h 25min. 2019) When two outsiders arrive on an isolated intentional community, seventeen-year old Anahita begins to question her role at home, and what a future out in the world-at-large could be. Drama IMDb 4. 0/10 Share this movie with your friends. When I seen 1:31, I already could hear “lets play a game.”. You know its gonna be a good movie when its by taika watiti.

I realized that taika himself was portrayng Hitler when the movie was already over... TamilRockers - Watch Free Movies Online on TamilRockers in FULL HD Quality, TamilRockers is the social network for watching movies online free. TamilRockers has more than five thousand movies. Movies on TamilRockers are updated daily, Contact Us, DMCA, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service. En rental Rent in HD 5. 99 USD 2019-12-13T00:00:00 2099-12-31T00:00 FlixFling US CA RENT FROM 5. 99 Play Trailer trailer free CA. Spiral farm movie. Am a simple person. I see dogs and i click 😅. But damn that gave me chills...

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Spiral farm (2019. Spiral path farm. Spiral farm 123movies. [WIND CHIMES] HEAVY RAIN] BIRDS CHIRPING] LEAVES RUSTLING] HIP HOP MUSIC THROUGH EARPHONES] FLY BUZZES] HORSE WHINNIES] SPEAKER 1: Breathing in through the nose, hold for four. [SPIRITUAL CHANTING] And release through the mouth. Let's do that again. Breathing in. Hold. One last time. [INHALES AND EXHALES] SPEAKER 2: I just want to express gratitude to all those who work so hard to make this community what it is. SPEAKER 3: It's no secret that our neighbors aren't happy with our way of life. They say that it brings their property values down, that we invite bad people into the space. This is an attack on our way of life. SPEAKER 2: It's not easy to live this way. And I just want to acknowledge all of us that have made this choice to live intentionally. Aho. WHOLE ROOM: Aho. SPEAKER 1: Let's be grateful. This present day is a gift. So, let us receive it. OCEAN: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. MIRACLE: And when you use it, you break it open and it's all soft inside. [TYPICAL ANIMAL SOUNDS] TV. from one another essentially calls for boundaries that exist only in our mind. As we know, all supportable structures are rigged and they lost a large amount. HITA: You haven't been to morning meeting all week. DI: I can't find those Oreimos pieces. You know, the one from Symbiosis. People seem to like those. Di, this is serious. We need cohesion above all else. Oh what, are you accusing me of not being cohesive? What? Never mind. HITA: Thought you didn't sell on Fridays. DI: It's just by the road. HITA: They're planning a ceremony tonight. DI: That'll be nice. SASHA: I was just gone a week. Come on, did you miss me? Oh come on, like this much? I missed you this much. You're so tiny. What are we playing? OCEAN: I like golf. SASHA: Oh. Oh, yes. SASHA: Hey. HITA: Hey. SASHA: Um, I got you something from the city. HITA: Really? Yeah, it's in my bag over there. HITA: Oh. SASHA: It's a fossil. A CD? Yeah. You're going to like it. My friend burned it for you on his computer, old computer [LAUGHS] Old computer thing? Yeah, so you have to listen to it because it's rare. HITA: I will, thanks. Hi, Di. DI: Help me set up at the end of the road, girls. SASHA: Why are you doing a whole thing if you're just going to the end of the road? SASHA: Hello? I just don't think it makes any sense. DI: Hita, come on. I have to prepare for ceremony tonight. Oh, how many people does it take to shut up Akiva. Calm down, I'm going to help you. We could bring Ocean. DI AND SASHA: Ocean! DOG BARKING] GRACEFUL DRUM BEAT [NEW AGE MUSIC CONTINUES] WIND CHIMES] SPIRITUAL CHANTING] HIP HOP MUSIC [CAR DOOR SLAMS] RAP MUSIC CONTINUES] THE SONG IS ABOU MONEY GRABBING HO'S] SOUND OF PEEING] DRUM BEAT CHIMES IN] NEW AGE MUSIC MIXED WITH NATURAL FARM SOUNDS] HITA: Oh my god. DI: Hita, Hita. That's my daughter. MAURIZIO: Ah, hita. Hello, welcome. So nice to meet you. Come on down. This is Theo, my son. Hello. This is it. DI: Oh, so show them where to put their offering for the ceremony. Oh. Follow me. DI: So we can pack, then? Mm-hmm. It's just kids. [HUMMING] HITA: And she just invited them to ceremony without consulting anyone. MIRACLE: I mean, we are supposed to practice generosity. She just always has to be inappropriate, that's her thing. She knows that she can't just invite people to this and especially with everything that's going on. I mean, you're supposed to seek counsel for things like this. How does he know Di anyway? They used to date before I was born. MIRACLE: And that's his son? Yeah. Hi. MIRACLE: Hey. Where's my bowl? MIRACLE: Over there. MIRACLE: How old is he? I don't know. Our age, I guess. MIRACLE: Is he doing ceremony? HITA: Ocean. No. Come on. You have to. I don't know. MIRACLE: So you don't like him? Hita: No. Yeah, right, her panties have been soaking wet since he got here. HITA: Jesus, Sasha! SASHA: So sorry you don't wear panties. I really don't. Well, I'm just going to have to see if I have a connection with him. Yeah, I thought you mostly liked women. MIRACLE: Sexual energy's complicated. HITA: No, I know. HITA: Di, are you coming? I think she left. OCEAN: Can I have pistachio? Yeah. HITA: Are you coming? No. [NIGHT SOUNDS WITH FOOTSTEPS] RHYTHMIC DRUMMING Miracle. Are you having any tonight? Are you? I might. Mm-hmm. How can you not think he's cute? SPEAKER 3: When Soleil and I opened our doors 22 years ago, we didn't know what Spiral Farm was. We wanted to create a space that was different from the world outside. Place of understanding, place of acceptance. We wanted to change the world and we started in our own back yard. SOLEIL: And as we get ready to dive into this incredible journey, this mystical adventure, set an intention for what you would like to get out of tonight. What would you love to receive from this amazing, beautiful ritual? Speaker 15: My intention tonight and every day is to just get in touch with my true self, my core, true being, who is love. SPEAKER 16: To facilitate the best in each one of you. DI: To present me with new possibilities so that I may continue down a divine path. HITA: To gain the strength to follow my passions and to grow with all of you. SPIRITUAL CHANTING BOHEMIAN VOCALS [VOCALS AND DRUMS DECREASE] SINGING TOGETHER] Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit Earth my body, water my blood air my breath and fire my spirit [NEW AGE MUSIC STARTS] NATURE SOUNDS UNDERNEATH] HITA: Hey. Is Ocean asleep? Yeah. Good. I did do Di's food duty this morning, that was cool. Why am I not surprised? Yeah, she just didn't show but she was probably getting her brains screwed out last night. Yup. We all understand once you start to need it. Sex, that is. What makes you think I haven't had sex? You're still a virgin. I'm not. I'm not talking about this with you. My god, Hita, you're so annoying. I'm not annoying. You're annoying. Yes, you are. Don't be so closed off. So did you set an intention for ceremony yesterday? Yes. For you to fucking show up. Sweetie, you have to see intentions for yourself, not for other people. That's why it didn't work. Mm, That smells good. But don't smoke it all, okay? Please? You smell good. You smell like dick. And I covered your shift this morning, so you owe me. Di: Okay. Oh, Di. [SOFT SINGING] THEO: Can I just put this down over here? HITA: Oh, I got it. THEO: Thanks. FEMALE 1: Do you know if you've been added to the chore wheel? THEO: No, I don't think so. SPEAKER 15: Well how long are you guys staying for? THEO: My dad said we'll be here until through the end of the week. SPEAKER 15: Mm-hmm, I will speak to Pete about that, I'm sure we can find, we can find some ways for you. THEO: Right on. [NIGHT SOUNDS MIXED WITH SCRUBBING SOUND] There's a piece of hay in your hair. HITA: Maybe you can dry. Cool. [SOFT PIANO MUSIC] SCREEN DOOR OPENING SOUND] Oh. Di? Mm-hmm [LAUGHS] HITA: Is everything okay? You know Sash. What happened? Same thing always happens. She's just upset. You barely know them. And now they're staying here? Di: The second anything goes wrong for Sash, she runs. Not you. DI: You like Mau... right? Sure. DI: I like his hands. And his uh what, his smile [UNDER HER BREATH] and drugs. HITA: Okay. Hita. Will you please do the stables for me? I traded with Sash, but she's done a runner. Hey. I'm supposed to show you how to clean the stables. For sure. Give me a second. [SOFT PIANO IN BACKGROUND] HORSES WHINNY] THEO: My dad really likes your mom. HITA: Di's relationships usually don't last longer than a week. You should be on your way soon. THEO: You need help? No, I got it. You know, I just met my dad like last year. I don't know my dad, so. Yeah. Dads kind of suck. Can you get that wheel barrel? Where do you want it? Right here. Now this is the fun part. You get to scoop up their shit. Yee-haw! What are you doing? What do you mean? HITA: You lean. And then. THEO: What did I do wrong? You got to kick it. Like this? HITA: Yep. HITA: I saw you with Miracle last night. She's basically a lesbian. You know that, right? Miracle? Yeah. I guess she likes you because you've got feminine features. I wouldn't expect much of it. How do you know that? She's my best friend, tells me everything. [PRINTER RUNNING] HIP HOP MUSIC GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? I NEED TO HEAD OVERSEAS I PILOT MY LIFE, I'M A CAPTAIN, IT'S WHY I'M SNAPPING WRITING SOME CODE, I AM RAPPING, RICH IN JAPAN AND I'M BLACK AND PHAT, LOOK, GIRL I GOT FEELINGS We're grateful for this meal and for those who made it and for Mother Earth for never ceasing to provide for us. [ALL TOGETHER] Aho. There's a bug on me? Don't kill it. Don't kill it, please. HITA: I won't kill it. It flew away. Pass me the rice, please? MAURIZIO: Terrible, you're terrible. Speaking, aren't you? SASHA: It's our love language. DI: Oh my god, you would've loved Studio 54. THEO: Did you see Studio 54? DI: Oh, sure did. You were there? Oh yeah. It was pretty crazy because you'd take Quaaludes and things and listen to music. Have you ever done a Quaalude? THEO: Well. no. I know people who have, but. I'm sorry you missed that. He's 18, you know? I was a heavy, heavy addict and very destructive. But now, I'm a pacifist, just like your dad. MAURIZIO: Yeah. DI: Oh Theo, my god, you have you have an aura that is emanating from you. MAURIZIO: Yeah, he's the gentle kind, you know? I've told him as men, we have to teach the young generation how to be more gentle with women that would, you know. You know, if men stopped thinking about the thought of how we must treat women, I think it would be much better. Because basically, no one can imagine what another human being let alone a woman desires. Really, Sasha? What? SASHA: Okay, now you can't do it. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, don't do that. DI: You're so cute whenever anyone sexualizes anything in front of you. No, I'm not. DI: Yes, you are, you just. Do you remember that guy that used to live here on Spiral Farm, the one that went and watched all the girls in the showers. Oh god. SASHA: Randy? DI: Yes, yes. MAURIZIO: What do you mean, it was his job to watch? No, no, no, he would just creep in and watch little girls in the showers, he was harmless, truly harmless but it was weird a little. And it was, I think, at that moment, that our Hita developed this bashfulness. That's not true at all. SASHA: Is that what happened? My brother was molested by a neighbor. THEO: Why are you laughing? I'm not laughing. MAURIZIO: Hey hey hey, lets be serious, you know this is- DI: I'm not laughing, its just weird that I said that. Hi, Ocean! OCEAN: Hi. DI: Do you like your dinner? You don't. Take the tomato off of his plate. THEO: She's the funny one. [SQUACK] SQUACK] SQUACK] SQUACK] SQUACK] SQUACK] SQUACK] SQUACK] SASHA: You sure look good, Hita. HITA: Ow! I like them. I'm just kidding. I think that that. is going to charm your man one day. Thank you. Everybody is insane. You're just noticing that now? I have to go to the city tomorrow for a couple days, I have a gig. You just got here, Sasha. Well, I have work. And I'm not comfortable here. What do you mean? There's nowhere for me to sleep or to put my stuff, or to have space. HITA: Well, sleep in my room and put your stuff there. That's not the point. What's the point then? I just don't, I don't fit here. [CRICKETS AND OWLS] NATURE SOUNDS CONTINUE] MAKING OUT SOUNDS ARE HEARD] SHARP THUD] EXHALES] OUTSIDE MUMBLES AND LAUGHING] MUMBLING CONTINUES] THEO: We're hanging, living at a farm. SASHA: Yeah, living on the farm? THEO: Yes. SASHA: At a miracle farm. THEO: Indeed. So our parents are fucking. Is it cool if I sleep here tonight? SASHA: Yeah, you could sleep on the couch, I guess. I'm going to take Di's bed. THEO: That's perfect, that's perfect. THEO: What's that, what are you packing for? Oh, BIRDS CHIRPING] SOFT CREAKING] THROUGH HEADPHONES] HIP HOP MUSIC THIS IS MY OUTRO I GUESS I CALL IT KRO AND I'M THE ONE WHO IS ON THE RISE TELLING YOU, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO THE SKY FIND YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING DON'T WORRY ABOUT NO CRASH LANDING, SOME OF US ARE BUMPING, BUSTING AND BURNING LIVING MY MIND WHILE THE WORLD IS STILL TURNING UP MY LIFE IT AIN'T A MOVIE BUT AT TIMES SEEMS SCRIPTED EVERYTHING IT HAPPENS FOR A REASON, JUST LISTEN NO COINCIDENCE, LEFT TO HOLD ME BACK SO I'M ON MY CHRIS BROWNS SINGLE, GIVE ME THAT [MUSIC CONTINUES] FOOTSTEPS HEARD IN DIRT] Hey. I was nning. [NATURE SOUNDS] SOFT ACOUSTICS I feel like I'm getting hypercritical of just about everyone. It's healthy for me to hear how other people view me. Creativity needs to be honored. I don't like to see her like that, you know? HITA: She just cares about her jewelry, nothing else. MAURIZIO: And Hita, what are you into? THEO: STOPS PLAYING GUITAR] She's a dancer. Really? HITA: No, I'm not. Yeah, you are. MAURIZIO: What kind of dance? You know, like hip-hop- HITA: Shut up. The stuff that goes like [RECORD SCRATCH IMPRESSION] That's cool. Hey Hita, you dropped this. Figured you might want it back. HITA: Give this back to me. What's it, a flyer? MAURIZIO: Hey, why so secretive? What is that? Can I see it? No. It's mine. Oh, dance auditions tomorrow. Let me tell you something, Hita, I wish somebody had told me. When you have a passion in life, you got to follow it, all right? It's just something I do for myself- No no no. You can make this happen if you want to. Theo, didn't you have to drop off those forms at school? Yeah. It's supposed to be a couple days ago, but we can go tomorrow. MAURIZIO: That's settled, all right? You guys, will leave town tomorrow. [NIGHT, NATURE SOUNDS] SOFT MELANCHOLY MUSIC] I know you're mad at her, but at least say goodbye. OCEAN: No. Hi, Ocean. What's up? Come on, don't be sad, you always do this when I leave and you're fine as soon as I'm gone, you know that. You know what? I'm doing this for you. I promise. Even if it doesn't seem like it. Hey, you got to trust me we're going to move to the city, we're going to have our own house, we're going to have our own space, okay? Please, work with me. You're going to be fine. Come here, love. Okay. Be good, okay? Ocean, I got to go, I have an appointment, and I'm going to be late. Ocean, come on, please don't do this right now This isn't funny, I can't really. come on, please. Ocean. God your strong. Ocean, come on. Let go. Ocean, I got to go. HITA: Ocean, let go. Ocean, let go! HIP HOP MUSIC [CRICKETS] RUNNING] HITA: Did you brush your teeth? Yeah. Really? Mm-hmm Show me. Let me smell your breath. [EXHALES] Oh god, go brush your teeth. And be quick. Can you tell me a story? I don't want to tell stories. OCEAN: Why not? HITA: Now go to sleep, okay? No. You said if I came down here, you'd go to sleep. What happens when you die? Why do you want to know that? Because I just want to know. Well, everything is made of energy, including our bodies. And energy can't be created and it can't be destroyed so even when we die, we go to another place. How do you know that? I just know. I promise you. Do you believe me? SOUND OF RUNNING WATER] Hi. It's freezing. THEO: Yeah. What's the audition for? It's for her dancing. I got to go drop off some stuff at the college I'm going to, so I figured I'd- I just don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this. Just bring her back before dark, okay? Because I got to work and Ocean. THEO: Sure. I will. Ocean needs her by him a lot. He doesn't like being without her. It's a body. DI: Are you going? Yup. Here, take this so I can reach you. Hey, Di. You notice anything different? You shaved under your armpits. I figure everyone else there would've. You used to not care what other people thought. You're an independent soul. I still am. It's sad to see you like this. Like what? I thought you'd be the type of woman that I wasn't. The type to use her brains instead of Should've instilled that a bit in you. I guess you should've. [DOOR SLAMS] MAURIZIO: Check on the oil, to make sure the will be fine, you know? You check all the time. THEO: All good. All right? MAURIZIO: Yeah. Hey! HITA: Hey. MAURIZIO: What wrong? I'm just a little nervous. Hey, don't mention it. Your mother's a little sour with me, it's all good. I'm sorry. Tell Ocean I'm going to be back tonight, okay? Don't worry about Ocean. He'll hang out with me. Alright, be safe kids. THEO: Yes, sir. I love you, son. Look after your sis, all right? Yeah. HITA: All right. THEO: Shall we get the fuck out of here? HITA: Yes, we shall. DI: Wait, wait! HITA: Oh, shit. This is for protection. Thanks, Di. UPBEAT AMBIENT MUSIC [MUSIC CONTINUES] Okay. THEO: Ten jumping jacks, let's go. HITA: What? Oh, shoot. THEO: Two, three, four. HITA: I'm going to sweat. Let me. [CROWD SOUNDS] SPEAKER 17: Put this on, everybody on the other side are warming up, you'll need to catch up. Okay, thank you. [CHAOTIC TALKING AND LAUGHING] SPEAKER 18: Hello, you guys, welcome! We're going to do a quick combination and then we're going to get started. So I want to see your attitude and your style come out. Okay? Okay, let's go. We start five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Got it? Okay, one more time. Remember, we need energy. Five, six, seven, eight. Moving on, you go around, one, two, hit, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Down your body. One and two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Let's do groups. POP MUSIC SPEAKER 18: Five, six, seven, eight. SPEAKER 18: Number 22 and 23, please stay. Everyone else, thank you. [CROWD TALKING] SPEAKER 18: Can you guys do it one more time, please? POP MUSIC SPEAKER 18: Five, six, seven, eight. SPEAKER 18: Number 23, thank you. Twenty-two, can you please see Natasha? SPEAKER 17: Congratulations, you killed it! I'm going to need you to sign a few papers and we can just sign that and get you going. [CROWD TALKING] WHISTLING] THEO: What's going on, bro? Can we get two tostadas? Good looks. Thanks, man. HITA: I can't believe your school's in the city. THEO: Yeah, I'm pretty fucking stoked. I was actually just going to go to um. community college in my hometown, but my new-found father said that he wanted me to have the full college experience. Mm-hmm, it's nice of him You know, if you applied, you could totally get in. HITA: It's expensive. THEO: To be honest, Maurizio would probably pay for your tuition. You're like family now, practically. THEO: Any HITA: Oh my god. You ready to go? No. I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home, either. Do we have to? THEO: Come jump. This is our bed for the night. Shoot. HITA: Oh! THEO: Happy birthday! How can a young man keep his way pure? I wonder how many people had sex in this bed. Probably like 68. You know, after tonight, it's probably going to be 69 you know what I'm saying? Because, I mean, let's face it, you and I, we're not so different, after all. And you know, we get this hotel room all to ourselves, so. no Di, no Sasha. HITA: No. THEO: Oh, baby, oh baby. HITA: Ew, I don't want it. THEO: Put your hands all over me. Get that away from me. Meow. THEO: Meow. HITA: Meow. HITA: WHISPERS] Meow. [ALT MUSIC WITH HEAVY BASS] CAT SOUNDS] Do you think Maurizio's actually going to help me? THEO: What do you mean? HITA: Like, if I'd want to go to college and be in the city and. like is that. Don't mess with me, okay? I'm serious, I'm trying to ask you a question. Yeah, I think so. Really? I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city, I'm moving to the city. HITA: Let's go swimming. [UNDERWATER NOISES] ALARM ON PHONE] CITY SOUNDS LIKE A TRASH TRUCK] PHONE RINGS] You said we'd be out early. The fuck? Get up! CAR SOUNDS] I'm back. TV: They're saying by category. I don't think he's owned by the power to be. I don't think that the director controls. HITA: I'm sorry. Was Ocean okay? He was with me. Di, I was gone for one day. Sasha goes away all the time. [WATER SOUNDS, SPLASHING] SPEAKER 15: Hita, you know what? I'm going to have you, um rather start off over there and, uh. we'll probably get to that another time, yeah? Theo was saying you're interested in going to college. I thought I wanted to. Let's talk about it. Your mother was mad at me about the audition, but I'd like to help. [CONTEMPLATIVE HUMMING] QUIET MUSIC] Are you leaving? I'm not going anywhere. OCEAN: Then why are you packing a suitcase? This is Sasha's stuff, I'm packing Sasha's suitcase. Well then why are you grabbing stuff out of your drawer? Your mom wanted to borrow my clothes. But those aren't even her size. Well, what can I tell you? She wanted my clothes. No she didn't. HITA: Yeah, she did. Tickle. Come here. Hey, hey, hey, ho, ho, ho. OCEAN: Don't, give it. Got you. Ow. That really hurts, stop! Stop! Jesus. Think you hit my eye. SPEAKER 1: And let it out through the mouth. Thank you so much. ALL TOGETHER: Aho! SPEAKER 1: Now, I'd like to give the floor up to Peace. PEACE: We'll make some fan material collages, we can even make our own glue if someone found materials here. we can build our own frames, make some artwork. SPEAKER 20: Leaves from the garden. I wouldn't mind doing some painting with them. SPEAKER 1: That would be great. SPEAKER 20: You get the paint the frames after you're done. SPEAKER 19: I read how to make some natural paints out of the plants in the neighborhood. SPEAKER 20: That's great, I could do this mostly online SPEAKER 1: And Hita, do you think you could. with the kids? Yes, no, of course, I could make something. SPEAKER 1: Okay, great. SPEAKER 20: She's very gifted- HIP HOP MUSIC [MUSIC KEEPS CHANGING] DI: Oh, I hear you, Sash! SASHA: Yes, Di! SASHA: I'm hungry, is there food? DI: Yeah, we did some salad. SASHA: UNDER HER BREATH] Salad. I'm going to go to Vegas next week for a convention. DI: Oh great! Great. Everyone's leaving and going. DI: Oh, God. What's wrong? Well, I feel so bad. How could he? Maurizio's going away for good. Oh, you got dumped by your boyfriend? Yeah. Oh, that sucks. Your sister's leaving, too. What are you talking about? She is. She's going to live in the city with Theo. Or so she thinks. That's ridiculous. Not to her. She hates Theo. Yeah, well. She's not going to make it in the city. She changed her mind. She is in for a world of hurt. SASHA: Very dramatic. So, Hita moves to the city. and where are you going to live if she leaves? What do you mean? You don't think they'll let you stay here, do you? What is it with this negativity, man? I'm just saying, you think everybody's going to let you stay here if Hita's gone? Think about it. Hita: Hey. [PLAYFUL GIBBERISH] MORE GIBBERISH] I'm going to put you to bed. I want HITA to put me to bed. What? She's not fun like me. [MORE GIBBERISH] HITA: Don't forget to brush your teeth. We don't brush our teeth, we stay up all night long, yeah! RITUALISTIC HUMMING] SPEAKER 15: Here we go. It's going to burn. Yeah, it's really strong. You just felt it through all the negative energy, all the things that no longer serve you, that you no longer need in your life, filtered your chakras. SASHA: Mm-hmm SPEAKER 15: Here, pure soul. Breathe it in, breathe it in, deep breaths. Release. Release, release, release, release, release. Hita says she wants to leave. She needs to be here. I don't trust any of them. SPEAKER 15: I do hear you. Please don't talk to him about death and stuff. Why? He was curious. Because I don't like it. And I'm his mom. SASHA: It's not easy, you know? HITA: What? Life in the city. You might not be at Spiral Farm anymore, Sash. Aren't you concerned about that? Please. Don't be so blas about it. There's always been something around here, some drama, some threat of extinction, some bad people in the outside world that take away our community. This place fucking loves drama. They need drama to give their life meaning, to give this community a sense of purpose. All the more reason to leave. Hita, as a woman, there will always be men offering to pay for all your shit and to support you and to buy you stuff. And it's your job to recognize when an offer's legit and when it's not legit. And when it's not legit, you fucking walk away. Thank you, Sasha. You really think a perfect stranger that mom manipulated into coming over here and fucking for a few days is going to pay for your college education? And your rent? What are you going to do when Theo starts college? There's going to be a million girls throwing themselves at him. And you're just going to be there playing house? Just let me take you into the city one day and I'll show you what really goes down because it's not some fantasy. I couldn't do what you do. I know you. you wouldn't allow. Rise and shine. Um, I just need some kerosene. Um. Do you have any? Yeah, probably in the cabinet above the stove. So. did you have fun in the city the other day? Yeah. I did, it was nice. It was nice to get out of here for a bit. Yeah, it was nice that you took her. What's that? That's a scar I got skating, bombed the hill and fucking fell really hard. It's a pretty gnarly scar. Very gnarly. Kinda of hot, though. Huh? I said it's kind of hot, though. My first boyfriend used to skateboard. Was he good? Yeah, he was good. I guess he wasn't really my boyfriend, he was the first guy I slept with. I was in middle school and he was in high school. How old were you when you guys had sex? Fourteen. How old were you? I was sixteen. Just turned sixteen. Was she your girlfriend? No. It was a one night stand I met at this party. I had a girlfriend at the time then. Your girlfriend didn't want to sleep with you? No. You didn't pressure her? No. Well I. You're a rare breed. I bet she gave you head a lot, though. She gave me head a lot. Girls are weird, man, they think that giving head is less intimate than having sex. No, foreplay is the best part. It's about taking things really slow. And they're going to pain for it. And their toes are curling. [MUMBLING] You can give them head. [HIS BREATHING IS HEARD] Stop. Why? Stop, just. THEO: Why? Why not? You're just not who you think you are. Yet. THEO: Are you sure? Why not? You leave anyway and then I'm never going to see you again. [NATURE SOUNDS, PEACEFUL] BIRDS CHIRPING] WATER CONTINUES TO RUN] ANIMAL GROWLING] SOFT PIANO [OCEAN GIGGLES] HITA LAUGHS] DRUMS AND SINGING [SINGING FADES] SOFT PIANO CONTINUES] PIANO CONTINUES] CAR DOOR SLAMS] SILENCE] CROWD MURMURING] SOFT PIANO STARTS] POP MUSIC [POP MUSIC CLOSES OUT FILM.

Spiral farm animal. I literally cried in this movie and I dont why. Spiral farm official trailer. This is like that boondocks episode i seen,anyone else. Very annoying movie, don't waste your time. The acting and script are lame, only the soundtrack worth something. Some takes are ok also, but not enough to save the movie. Imagine Pope Francis watching this movie. Release: 13 December 2019 Synopsis: Watch Spiral Farm Online Free: When two outsiders arrive on an isolated intentional community, seventeen-year old Anahita begins to question her role at home, and what a future out in the world-at-large could be.   (See more. On Yify TV you can Watch Spiral Farm free instantly without waiting. Watch more Alec Tibaldi 's movies for free on Yify TV. More search tags: Spiral, Spiral Farm full movie online, download 2019 online movies free on Yify TV. 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Spiral farmer. Spiral farm full movie 2019. Spiral farm 2019 watch online. Spiral knights farm. Spiral farms. Spiral farm blog. Watch Spiral Farm On TamilRockers Press Ctrl + D To Bookmark Us... Synopsis: When two outsiders arrive on an isolated intentional community, seventeen-year old Anahita begins to question her role at home, and what a future out in the world-at-large could be. Don't forget to Bookmark Us... Spiral Farm (2019. Download Torrent Files Spiral Farm (2019. Watch Online (Single Links - Quality) Spiral Farm, Spiral Farm (2019) Spiral Farm tamilrocker, Spiral Farm tamilrocker Movies, Spiral Farm tamilrockers, Spiral Farm tamilrockers Movies.

This movie plays with your mind. I cant stop thinking about the ending. Spiral farm watch online. Spiral farm bureau.






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